Why Should You Swaddle?

Swaddling is an old practice that consists of wrapping infants snugly in swaddling garments, or blankets in order that the movement of their limbs is restricted; this tradition has been around for hundreds of years. Swaddling continues to be common nowadays, having several advantages for the new baby still because the parents. the most advantages of swaddling are keeping your baby heat, secure, snug, and decreasing or perhaps eliminating symptoms of pain.

Even the Bible refers to swaddling babies, as well as Jesus, therefore it’s clear that this tradition has been around for a few time. In earlier days babies were saddled with no matter that they had. Nowadays babies are usually swaddled with either a specially formed T or larger square swaddling blanket or simply a daily receiving blanket. Swaddling your baby will reduce fussiness, help colic or even eliminate it.

Followings are the reasons to use swaddles.

*Swaddling your baby makes breastfeeding easier and holding your baby more relaxed.

* Swaddling your baby keeps them from scratching themselves or crying when twitching or jerking their limbs.

*Swaddling your baby help out them sleep on their backs which is the ideal suggested position by doctors and nurses.

* Swaddling your baby will keep them warm enough which helps them sleep well, also preventing them being smothered by loose bedding and possibly lowering the incidence of SIDS.

* Swaddling your baby helps encourage proper hip and leg development, while keeping their arms in a gentle sleep position at their sides.

baby swadel


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